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SEMCO GROUP can offer support to the customer by verifying welding processes thanks to qualified technicians/inspectors (Plastic Welding Inspectors & Welding Technologists) in order to lead the customer to the qualification of the production process and plastic welding personnel.

Qualification of welders and welding operators
The qualification of welders of plastic pipes and fittings, in accordance with the requirements of UNI 9737:2016 standard, concerns all specialised technicians involved in the construction and maintenance of gas and low pressure water networks as well as installers of polyethylene and polypropylene pipes and fittings.

The professionalism of the figures who carry out welding operations is confirmed by the relative licence: the certification is valid for two years, but it is necessary to confirm the work continuity of the operator or welder every 6 months.

The possibility to offer our customer welding performed by qualified technical personnel, using qualified procedures, allows the company to achieve high quality standards and to work with international leaders in the sector.

SEMCO GROUP is authorised by various accredited bodies, recognised by ACCREDIA, to issue certification for welding processes, welders and welding operators in accordance with EN and ASME/AWS standards.

According to UNI 9737 standard, the qualification of welders performing welding on polyethylene pipes and fittings varies, depending on the welding process used and the welded diameters.
The various qualification classes can be combined in order to cover the appropriate personnel certification field.

The different classes are as follows:

  • 3PE 3.4: heating element butt welding - Ø (DIA) up to 315 mm
  • 3PE 3.5: heating element head welding - Ø (DIA) greater than 315 mm
  • 3PE 3.6: electrofusion welding - Ø (DIA) up to 315 mm - excluding saddles
  • 3PE 3.7: electrofusion welding - Ø (DIA) greater than 315 mm - excluding saddles
  • 3PE 3.8: electrofusion welding for saddle joints - any Ø (DIA)