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Inspection, certification and training services

We specialise in providing inspection, certification and training services for different industrial sectors.

Our technical personnel checks and ensures the quality of products and services, optimising performance and guaranteeing the safety of machinery and plants, with a particular focus on industrial refrigeration and filtration.

Besides verification and control activities, project management, expediting and coordination services are also provided.

Project Management and Coordination: our technicians, operating on site during the entire duration of the projects, can coordinate and instruct staff, plan and carry out ongoing inspections and visits for the delivery of the agreed reports, and ensure the progress of the project within the agreed time frame up to delivery.

SEMCO deals with the analysis of documentation and products related to suppliers in order to evaluate their production capacity and estimate their potential value as project partners. This includes both QHSE auditing (as per UNI EN ISO 9001, UNI EN ISO 14001, and BS OHSAS 18001 Standards) and the evaluation of the management structure and company capacity, as well as workload analysis and human resources assessment.

The deep knowledge of processes, products and standards allows our staff to provide services such as desk expediting (low criticality), on-site expediting (periodic visits to the suppliers premises), full expediting (SEMCO personnel onsite, at the supplier’s, for a pre-established period of time in order to monitor all processes and ensure delivery deadlines are met).

Each inspection is duly documented by a complete and detailed report, shared with the customer by means of an online portal.

Training & professional qualification courses we can offer.

SEMCO operates as a sales representative of Testori Group in the design and engineering of gas and wet filtration systems, offering customers over a century of expertise in the sector.