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SEMCO operates as a sales representative of Testori Group in the design and engineering of gas and wet filtration systems, offering customers over a century of expertise in the sector.

We can deal with:

  • the replacement and upgrade of existing products
  • the development of new filtration media, specially designed for specific applications and requirements
  • the maintenance of filtration systems, with scheduled inspections and emission measurements (including the use of non-toxic fluorescent dust for leak detection)
  • leakage sealing: a service preventing system shutdowns.

In this field, filtration is performed by means of solid-liquid separations, e.g. waste water treatment or recovery of active pharmaceutical ingredients. Here the filtration process takes place in a mechanical way because the filter physically blocks the suspended particles, also thanks to the specific pressure gradient. In wet filtration, the fiber choice is made according to the technical requirements of the application, the type of filtration and, of course, the liquid subject to the process itself.

As for gas filtration, we offer cloths or pre-packed products such as filtering sleeves, multi-channel bags, octopus filter bags, star-shaped bags, and reverse-air baghouse filter bags.

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