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PED directive (2014/68/UE)

The PED directive regulates the design and construction of pressure equipment. The directive applies to vessels, pipes and accessories subject to a relative pressure greater than 0.5 BAR. Products are classified in increasing order risk categories, from I to IV, where the category is defined according to pressure, volume or Nominal Diameter, type of fluid and physical state of the same. If it falls within the scope of application, pressure equipment must meet the requirements of the PED directive and be provided with the CE marking, followed by the reference number of the notified body.

The PED directive identifies the manufacturer as the main party responsible for the production process, assisted by the notified body as for some activities, but it also recognises responsibilities to the figures of the importer and distributor. SEMCO GROUP, in collaboration with an important notified body, can offer all the services necessary for the application phases of the Directive, and in particular the issue of the following certificates:

  • MODULE A2 (Internal production control plus supervised pressure equipment checks at random intervals)
  • MODULE B (EU type examination – production type / project type)
  • MODULE C2 (Conformity to type based on internal production control plus supervised pressure equipment checks at random intervals)
  • MODULE D (Conformity to type based on quality assurance of the production process)
  • MODULE D1 (Quality assurance of the production process)
  • MODULE E (Conformity to type based on quality assurance of pressure equipment)
  • MODULE E1 (Quality assurance for the inspection and testing of pressure equipment)
  • MODULE F (Type conformity based on pressure equipment verification)
  • MODULE G (Conformity based on unit verification)
  • MODULE H (Conformity based on full quality assurance)
  • MODULE H1 (Conformity based on full quality assurance plus design examination)

SEMCO GROUP can support the manufacturer throughout all the phases of the Directive, in particular with regard to:

  • Technical dossier
  • Inspections of materials and components
  • Special material approvals
  • Qualifications of processing procedures (e.g. permanent joints) and operators involved
  • Qualifications of operators performing Non-Destructive Testing

We can also offer the following services:

  • Identification of the applicable requirements of the Directive and the relevant
  • Harmonised and/or non-harmonised standards
  • Choice of the Directive application modules
  • Performance of tests to confirm compliance with standards (at contracted laboratories)
  • Training courses on the application of the Directive

The procedure for the certification of equipment in accordance with the PED directive consists of the following phases:

  • Documentary analysis
  • Project approval (where applicable)
  • Surveillance
  • Issue of relative certification