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Industrial engineering professionals at your service

SEMCO was established in 2000, when began operating in the Oil and Gas industry: design and engineering matched inspection activities from the beginning, because of the need to guarantee to customers the safety and performances of their projects.

During these early years Semco has been running and working for many important projects and workplaces around the world. After years of study and deepening of the relevant standard and regulations, and a lot of “hands in the mud”, it was clear that the Oil & Gas high level of expertise could be poured in other fields, to provide the same highly skilled practice and some new approaches.

That’s why the early team was completed with the gain of new skills that have extended the operations to a wider market, looking at HVAC&R and mechanical works, where Semco is taking design, project leadership and inspection to a new level of shared knowledge for a safer, more efficient and environmental compliant world.


Abu Dhabi (UAE)

Branch Office

Milan (Italy)

Registered Office and Headquarters

There are at least 3 good reasons to believe in us

  • We look for, study and apply the latest technology in order to improve safety and performance.
  • We work in full compliance with any legal provision, operating in protected environments and applying the most suitable insurance norms.
  • Each of our projects meets the established delivery dates, as we are fully aware of the value of your time, also in economic terms.

technology & qualifications


Standards & codes


meeting deadlines



We are committed to being a point of reference as for safety of plants and people. We have chosen the path of technology so that progress can always be a guarantee of well-being for each of us and for the world we live in.


  • Build ever increasing trust in the relationship with our customers in order to be perceived as reliable long-term partners and strategic consultants of the company.
  • Support the technological progress of the team and sector by promoting research and experimentation activities.
  • Be part of the technological and procedural enhancement aimed at a green approach by the industry.
  • Constantly improve the quality/price ratio of our services.
  • We understand the significance of other cultures and we believe that respect for them has to guide our actions in doing business in international markets.




SEMCO GROUP is an ISO certified company - ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001. Thanks to these certifications, we can guarantee efficiency, reliability and service sustainability to our customers.

Areas for which we hold ISO certifications

  • Inspection, testing and optimisation activities for the international industrial sector, at the Customers’ premises (on site) and at their sub-suppliers’ sites.
  • Design of pressure equipment for industrial, petrochemical and Oil&Gas (IAF 34, 18) applications.

The added value of partnership

To us, partnership means trust and attributing value to each other's qualities and characteristics. That is why we choose and select our partnerships with care. The companies and associations in our network are an added value for us, and that is what we hope to be for them.

  • We work to support the most important Notified bodies on the European territory.
  • Our partnership with TESTORI Group has given us the opportunity to support our Customers in a great number of sectors and activities.
  • Thanks to our collaboration with CSIM, an association of leading companies in the HVAC&R sector, we are able to support and provide specific competency and experience on PED in the Refrigeration sector.