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SEMCO GROUP has technicians, all over the national territory, in possession of level 2 and level 3 certification according to SNT-TC-1A and/or UNI EN ISO 9712 for the main control methods: PT/MT/UT/RT/VT, as well as the necessary equipment for specific testing.

MANDATORY checks for Periodic requalification:

  • A mandatory integrity check, to be carried out every ten years and for all risk categories, must be performed by a qualified technician (UNI EN ISO 9712).
    It includes an internal and external visual examination and instrumental checks (e.g. ultrasound thickness measurement, which can also be used to check the residual thickness of pipes, sheets, pressure equipment or public lighting poles, particularly in the event of corrosive phenomena).
  • An operational verification as part of the employer's responsibilities, regardless of equipment age
    It includes the assessment of compliance of the actual conditions of use of the equipment with what is stated both in the declaration of commissioning and the manufacturer's user and maintenance manual. It also includes verification of the functionality of the safety accessories.