semco oil

Oil & Gas


Despite the common need to get rid of carbon based economy, we still deserve respect to Oil&Gas activities. High energy density fluids have been and are to be a pillar for quite some years more. SEMCO, with its valuable expertise and sensibility is providing added value to safer and environmentally compliant operations.

semco food

Food production


SEMCO is working closely with top companies along the food chain, supporting their needs of control and compliance of safety and temperature. Food is energy, energy is life. But life shall be consistent with biologic processes, giving them the right environment for their development.

semco retail



Customer’s at the center of any retailer activity. Within a retail building piping, ducts, wiring and any species of technological support to sales is a potential risk to the valuable retailer visitor. Risk reduction and control is then safety and money. SEMCO is more than aware that reputation is such an high value for groceries’ brands that has set a dedicated department for managing it.

semco filtration



Semco is providing the market the leader products of Testori, for gas and wet filtration. With Testori’s ability to cover the entire value chain, from processing the raw materials (fiber and yarn) through to the production of finished items, Semco is completing its service offering in sectors such as cement and aluminum industries, power generation, waste to energy, metals, pharmaceutical, chemistry, food, mining, asphalts, wastewater plants and other applications for environment protection.