Refrigeration and HVAC

Process cooling

Ranging from 2kW to almost 2MW we have the expertise to design, install and maintain chilled water systems. We can carry out surveys and advise our clients on process efficiency, design and redundancy planning. We offer full preventative maintenance contracts and also provide reactive maintenance including hire equipment.




Service & Maintenance

Should your responsibilities involve the maintenance and operation of plant and equipment on site, then you will probably already be familiar with the current F-Gas legislation requirements.

Complying with these requirements is a responsibility we at SEMCO do not take lightly. We are able to provide you with all the required information on systems which fall within the scope of the legislation and more importantly, ensure that you are able to satisfy those requirements.

Our engineers are able to advise on the equipment you have on site and the implications of refrigerant use, types of refrigerants available and expected efficiencies.

We have a vast knowledge base regarding the application of cooling and refrigeration systems.

We are able to offer a maintenance / service package which is catered to your particular site requirements.

Machine Tool Oil Cooling

As with many processes temperature control on modern machine tooling systems is of paramount importance.

From the closely controlled parameters of a high speed spindle, to the maintaining of coolant oil temperatures all machine tools have varying requirements from the basic, to the highly complex.

Here at SEMCO we are fortunate to have had a wealth of experience gained over many years predominantly in the aerospace and general machining industries which gives us an insight into not only what is required from a temperature control point of view, but also how it interacts with the process.

Electrical and electronic control systems play a major role in the way a temperature control system is configured with a machine tooling centre and it is vitally important that the refrigeration engineer working on such equipment has an appreciation of this.

Many refrigeration systems have self governing controllers which purely enable them to maintain a preset condition whilst others are able to react to certain conditions from the process and therefore react from an instruction generated from the process itself.

Refrigeration systems are available with refrigerants to suit many applications and the importance of selecting the correct refrigerant for the application at hand is vitally important.

Knowledge in the repair and maintenance programmes for such equipment will ensure speedy knowledgeable and confident solutions being applied. Something that we at SEMCO are proud to be able to offer all our customers.

Plastic Injection Moulding/ Blown film/ Vacuum Moulding

Water chillers are generally employed for the cooling of the tool itself in the case of injection moulding and for other areas which depend on cooling fluids at a temperature of +15°C or less. Dry air coolers provide the cooling for the hydraulic systems on such machines where temperatures of the hydraulic oil is typically +35°C to +50°C and the cooling fluid used to maintain such temperatures can be as high as +30°C.

Free cooling on the chilled water circuit can be offered by either incorporating this within the chiller itself, or by attaching a separate cooler into the chilled water return line prior to the chiller. The reduction in energy consumption by adopting this particular method can be significant due to the favourable climatic conditions throughout the year within the UE.

Our sales department are able to provide the relevant cost savings by reducing energy consumption for both new and retro-fitted equipment.

Lasers, Industrial, Commercial and Medical

SEMCO has many years experience in the Laser industries and has the ability to specify or replace, any system that is required for a particular application.

We currently maintain many chilled water systems for industrial lasers. The type and style of all of these systems can vary from a simple standard configuration to a multi-circuited high pressure system with particle and de-ionising filters incorporated.

The size of any chiller will be determined by the laser output and its efficiency. High stability on the water temperature is often a concern and we are able to provide the necessary equipment to cater for such demanding tolerances.

We supply and support equipment capable of tolerances to +/- 0.5degC.

Scientific Instrument Cooling

From electron microscopes to Mass Spectrometers we have a solution for your requirements. Whether the cooling system alone is required, or a full turnkey installation, we have the necessary experience in providing either.

The knowledge we have gained over the years within this particular industry is substantial, giving us a significant advantage in the provision of any cooling system for this market.

An example of the systems we have provided cooling for in the past is as follows;

  • X-Ray Spectrometers
  • Mass Spectrometers
  • Liquid ring and Oil diffusion pump cooling
  • Transmission Electron microscopes
  • Scanning Electron Microscopes
  • MRI systems
  • XRF/ XRD

Chemical / Pharmaceutical Production

From low temperature systems of -40°C to systems operating at elevated temperatures with the use of specialised fluids, we are confident we have a solution for your process cooling requirements.

Whether directly or indirectly cooled we can provide a system compatible with the process in question. We can offer air-cooled, water-cooled, direct expansion or indirect systems.

Heat exchangers of cleanable plate, welded plate, shell and tube, fin and tube or co-axial, we can integrate your process to the correctly applied cooling system.

In addition we are able to offer the installation of our system utilising stainless steel fully welded pipework, crimped stainless, copper, steel or plastic. Your specific requirements would be adhered to throughout the installation.